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I offer professional 2D and 3D graphics design services as well as development of interactive educational content apps. Enjoy strolling the galleries!

Johann Christoph Bätz


For over a decade I work as 3D artist and 3D App Designer mainly in the field of architectural visualisation. Yet recently I’ve come to value the charming qualities of 2D graphics and print design. This is also a recollection of my study as a traditional graphic designer.

As a freelancer I am used to work from my home office or project based in external offices or workspaces.

I’ve obtained expert level in the following softwares:
– Affinity Designer
– Affinity Photo
– Affinity Publisher
– 3D Studio Max
– Unity (incl. C#)

2D Gallery

There are two basic kinds of 2D graphics. Vector based and Pixel based graphics.

Vector based graphics are drawn with coloured curves and gradients (often made with Adobe Illustrator). Because of their mathematical nature they are infinitely scalable. Pixel based graphics on the other hand are like rectangular mosaics and come in a specific resolution (often edited with Adobe Photoshop).

There is also a hybrid approach that takes the best of both worlds. You can draw your image with vector curves and refine it with pixel-based brushes e.g. on a graphic tablet (Serif Affinity Designer). Todays computers have become very strong. Therefore you can start out an image with a fairly high resolution.

3D Gallery

Pre-rendered 3D graphics

Real Time 3D graphics


3D Graphics come in two basic forms. Pre-rendered 3D graphic and Real Time 3D graphic. Both ways the creation requires modeling, texturing, and perhaps animation.

Pre-rendered 3D graphic are delivered as images or videos wich can be used everywhere very easily.
Suitable applications are architectural visualisations, product presentation websites, video tutorials, educational clips, visual FX in movies, etc.

Real Time 3D graphics are interactive experiences like e.g. a car racing video game. It takes special skills and experience to create well running 3D objects for the output device (smartphone, desktop computers). The way how this 3D objects behave or can be manipulated is managed by a Game Engine (Unity, Unreal, etc.). This requires some coding (C#). Augmented Reality solutions (for smartphones) are also possible.
Good applications for 3D Real Time graphics are interactive presentations of e.g. products, machines or buildings, interactive tutorials or educational explorations, also simulators, configurators, etc.

Due to smartphone-operating-system-updates mobile apps need maintenance work to run properly over the years.